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The Paris Review No. 138, Spring 1996

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John Gregory Dunne, Richard Price, and Billy Wilder discuss the Art of Screenwriting.

John Huston and Lauren Bacall remember Truman Capote and the making of Beat the Devil.

A "Trainspotting Glossary" from the novel by Irvine Welsh. Stories by Junot Díaz, Milan Kundera, and Brady Udall. Poems by Lise Goett and John Kinsella.

Table of Contents


Jaime Collyer, A Businessman Disappears

Junot Díaz, Edison, New Jersey

Milan Kundera, from Slowness

Brady Udall, Letting Loose the Hounds


John Gregory Dunne, The Art of Screenwriting No. 2  Full Text

Richard Price, The Art of Fiction No. 144  Full Text

Billy Wilder, The Art of Screenwriting No. 1  Full Text


Christopher Bakken, Three Poems

Bruce Bond, Pomegranate

Shannon Borg, Reclining Woman with Green Stockings

Nicole Cuddeback, Son of Medea

Madeline DeFrees, Three Poems

Michael Eilperin, Three Poems

Gregory Fraser, Still Life

Lise Goett, Two Poems

Mac Hammond, Two Poems

Anthony Hecht, Two Poems

Rick Hilles, Two Poems

Ellen Hinsey, The Sermon to Fishes

William Hunt, Likely Images

Mark Irwin, Juvescence of Autumn

David M. Katz, An Ode for William Collins

John Kinsella, Two Poems

Caroline Knox, Sonnet to the Portuguese

James Longenbach, Three Poems

Judy Longley, Brushfire At Christmas

Richard Lyons, Two Poems

Corey Marks, Two Poems

A. F. Moritz, Nothing Happened Here

Kenneth Rosen, The Work of Life

S. X. Rosenstock, Two Poems

Stephen Sandy, Six Poems

Jordan Smith, The Dream of Marlowe

Shawn Sturgeon, Babylonian Surprise

Pimone Triplett, Two Poems

David Wojahn, Before the Words

Mark Wunderlich, Two Poems


Dan Algrant, The Man in the Back Row Has a Question II: On Screenwriting

Henry Allen, Terry Southern: An Appreciation

Mike Golden, Terry Southern: A Conversation

Caroline Marshall, Remembrance

George Plimpton, Truman Capote, Screenwriter: Beat the Devil

George Plimpton, Terry Southern: An Introduction

Nile Southern, Envoi

Terry Southern, Making It Hot for Them

William Styron, Transcontinental with Tex

Maria Christina Villasenor, Nine Props: A Conversation

Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting Glossary


George Plimpton, Notice


Richard Gaffney, Table of Contents

Joyce Pensato, Four Mice

Lorna Simpson, Nine Props