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The Paris Review No. 56, Spring 1973

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“I think that other writers should do what they can do, and if they can spend—as one of my American girl students did—ten pages on the act of fellatio without embarrassing themselves, very good luck to them”: Anthony Burgess on the Art of Fiction.

Stories by Jane Bowles, Erica Jong, Phillip Lopate, and Georges Perec. Poems by Tom Clark, Robert Creeley, and Alice Notley.

Table of Contents


Jane Bowles, Emmy Moore's Journal

Keith Cohen, Natural Settings

Erica Jong, from The Country of Regrets

Phillip Lopate, The Chamber Music Evening

Georges Perec, Between Sleep and Waking

Maurice Roche, Skol Nidre


Anthony Burgess, The Art of Fiction No. 48  Full Text


Edwin Brock, Prototypes

Tom Clark, At Malibu

Jack Collom, 11-23-69

Robert Creeley, Days and Days

Curtis Faville, Poem

Joanne Kyger, Five Poems

Lewis MacAdams, Two Poems

Dave Mokshi, Death Soup

Alice Notley, Poem

Anne Waldman, Lines


George Schneeman, Book Covers