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The Paris Review No. 13, Summer 1956

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Wit v. wisecrack: Dorothy Parker on the Art of Fiction.

Jean Genet’s “A Thief’s Journal”: “My face is an oval, very pure; my nose is smashed, flattened by a punch in some forgotten fight. The look on my face is blasé, sad and warm, very serious.”

James Blake’s letters from prison.

Stories by Nadine Gordimer and Richard Yates. Poems by Richard Howard and James Wright.

Table of Contents


Nadine Gordimer, Face from Atlantis

Anthony Whittier, Gull Pond is a Half-Mile Wide

Richard Yates, A Wrestler With Sharks


Dorothy Parker, The Art of Fiction No. 13  Full Text


Nicolas L.M. Crome, The Fox Hunt

Nicolas L.M. Crome, The Day the Geese Got Drunk

Barbara Deming, Oedipus Recalls Cythaera

David Ferry, The Good Man

David Ferry, Elegiac

David Ferry, On the Way to the Island

Robert Greenwood, Explication

Daniel Hoffman, In a Cold Climate

Richard Howard, On Tour

Richard Howard, L'invitation au Voyage  Full Text

Herbert Morris, A Discipline of Zenith Deep as Life

Richard O’Connell, Annunciation

Robert Pack, An Idyll in Idleness

Marvin Solomon, Belle Grove

James Wright, The Assignation


James Blake, Letters from an American Prisoner

Jean Genet, from A Thief's Journal


Anita de Caro, Portfolio