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The Paris Review No. 8, Spring 1955

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“The Negro novelist draws his blackness too tightly around him when he sits down to write—that’s what the anti-protest critics believe—but perhaps the white reader draws his whiteness around himself when he sits down to read”: Ralph Ellison on the Art of Fiction.

Eugene Walter on a portfolio of Polish artist Feliks Topolski.

A story by Vilma Howard. Poems by Geoffrey Hill and Louis Simpson.

Table of Contents


Vilma Howard, Belle

Will Morgan, Letters from Indiana

John Philips, The Engines of Hygeia  Full Text

Hollis Summers, Mister Joseph Botts


Ralph Ellison, The Art of Fiction No. 8  Full Text


George P. Elliot, Of God

Geoffrey Hill, Pennies for Charon

Geoffrey Hill, Enemy of the People

Joseph Langland, The Cobra

Robert Layzer, The Insult

Frances Park, The Wakeful

Louis Simpson, The Battle


Zygmunt Haupt, Tierra del Fuego


Feliks Topolski, Portfolio