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The Paris Review No. 32, Summer-Fall 1964

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“It is not inspiration; it is expiration”: Jean Cocteau on the Art of Fiction.

“Facing the universe of sound”: William Carlos Williams on the Art of Poetry.

William Fifield interviews Pablo Picasso.

A story by Stanley Elkin. Poems by Robert Bly and Charles Olson.

Table of Contents


Stanley Elkin, The Great Sandusky

Herbert Lobsenz, Pelican of the Wilderness


Jean Cocteau, The Art of Fiction No. 34  Full Text

William Carlos Williams, The Art of Poetry No. 6  Full Text


Olga Marx and Renata Scheliha, Passages from the Odes of Pindar

Robert Bly, Meditation on Olai and Pete Bly

Larry Eigner, Two Poems

Theodore Holmes, Tourist Cabins in Winter

Lewis Meyers, Catacombs

Lorine Niedecker, Two Poems

Charles Olson, Two Sections from Maximus

Harold Witt, You Must Say Good Bye

Louis Zukovsky, Catullus 70, 72, 73


William Fifield, Pablo Picasso--A Composite Interview


Kosta Alex, Eight Sculptures and an Interview