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The Paris Review No. 80, Summer 1981

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“Maybe writing can’t be taught, but editing can be taught. Notions of the lousy can be taught”: Donald Barthelme on the Art of Fiction.

Elizabeth Bishop on childhood memory, sleeping in trees, and winning the Pulitzer Prize.

Betty Eppes takes a break from tennis columns to interview J. D. Salinger.

Stories by Reinaldo Arenas, Stephen Dixon, and Tama Janowitz. Poems by Reginald Gibbons, Heather McHugh, and Gerald Stern.

Table of Contents


Reinaldo Arenas, The Parade Ends

Stephen Dixon, Gifts

Tama Janowitz, American Dad

Hans Koning, The Kleber Avenue Communion


Donald Barthelme, The Art of Fiction No. 66  Full Text

Elizabeth Bishop, The Art of Poetry No. 27  Full Text


Frank Bidart, The War of Vaslav Nijinsky

Paul Celan, Conversations in the Mountains

Carol Conroy, The Jewish Furrier Explains the Search for Beauty

Jonathan Galassi, Elms

Reginald Gibbons, Affidavit

Heather McHugh, Three Poems

Joyce Carol Oates, Two Poems

Robert Pinsky, The Saving

Gerald Stern, Five Poems

Charles Wright, The Southern Cross

Paul Zweig, Two Poems


Betty Eppes, What I Did Last Summer (J. D. Salinger Feature)


Vernon Fisher, Four Stories

Steve Gianakos, Which Girl is Dead