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The Paris Review No. 76, Fall 1979

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“Steer clear of English. Learn foreign, preferably dead languages”: An interview with Peter Levi.

“When I first came here, a neighbor told the whole village that I practiced black magic”: Jean Rhys on The Art of Fiction.

Stories by David Evanier and Norman Lock. Poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Table of Contents


Andre de Mandiargues, The Bath of Madame Mauriac

David Evanier, The One Star Jew

Norman Lock, The Love of Stanley Marvel and Claire Moon


David Ignatow, The Art of Poetry No. 23  Full Text

Peter Levi, The Art of Poetry No. 24  Full Text

Jean Rhys, The Art of Fiction No. 64


Jean Follain, Eleven Poems

Kenneth King, Word Raid

Peter Klappert, Matthew's Other Love Song

Pier Paolo Pasolini, The Ashes of Gramsci

Louis Simpson, Sway

John Wynne, Two Struggling Actresses


David Plante, Jean Rhys: A Remembrance


Michael Hurson, Pencil Drawings

Robert Kushner, Aïda

Richard Thompson, Honest Work