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The Paris Review No. 167, Fall 2003

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50th Anniversary

Jim Crace weighs the merits—and demerits—of research: “Facts don’t help. If you’re not a persuasive talker at a party, no one’s going to believe you, even if everything you say is true . . .”

PORTFOLIO: From the files of Gerard Malanga. After working with Warhol in 1969, Malanga began carrying his Nikon wherever he went . . .

A story by Yiyun Li, the 2003 Plimpton Prize winner. Poems by Tom Disch, Joyce Carol Oates, and Brenda Shaughnessy.

Table of Contents

Margaret Atwood, Readers & Readings, A Portfolio


Miranda July, Making Love in 2003

Yiyun Li, Immortality

Heather Woodbury, What Ever


Paul Auster, The Art of Fiction No. 178  Full Text

Jim Crace, The Art of Fiction No. 179  Full Text


Ansie Baird, Genealogy

Sophie Cabot Black, Two Poems

George Bradley, The Future of the Past

Michael Burns, Two Poems

Tom Disch, Two Poems

Annmarie Drury, Clay Plate

Irving Feldman, Two Poems

Gabriel Fried, Two Poems

Sarah Getty, Two Poems

Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei, Phenomenology in Blue

Joshua Green, Two Poems

Anthony Elliot Hawley, To Be in North Dakota Waiting

Rick Hilles, Poem Buried in a Line by Paul

Victor Hugo, Two Poems

Quinn Latimer, Two Poems

David Lehman, Two Poems

Rika Lesser, The Girls

Timothy Liu, Two Poems

Jason Marak, Untitled

Joyce Carol Oates, Harvesting Skin

Kathleen Peirce, Two Poems

Robert Phillips, Two Poems

Sarah Plimpton, A Single Poem

Katha Pollitt, Two Poems

Tony Sanders, Sunday Baroque

Brenda Shaughnessy, Embarrassment

Julie Sheehan, Brown-headed Cowbirds

Baron Wormser, Wisdom

Stephen Yenser, Across the Bar


Charles Baxter, Fragments of Letters and Journals: 1998

Bill Buford, The Man in the Back Row Has a Question

Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex B-Side

Richard Ford, Goshen

Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections

Mavis Gallant, Diaries

Donald Hall, Death as a Career Move

Anthony Hecht, Limericks

Denis Johnson, Denis the Pirate

Philip Levine, Berm

Norman Mailer, A Riff on Hemingway

Ian McEwan, Mary's Arrival

Rick Moody, Veiling and Transvestism

Cynthia Ozick, A Rebuttal

Grace Paley, A Piece of a Beginning

Richard Powers, John Barth: An Introduction

Ned Rorem, From a Diary: 2002-2003

Philip Roth, An Acceptance

Joanna Scott, Tourmaline

Jim Shepard, Night Rider

Max Steele, Richard Wright: The Visible Man

John Updike, Pluie, Pluie, Allez-Vous-En

Richard Wilbur, I'll Never Forget You As Long As I Live


George Plimpton, Notice


Gerard Malanga, Snapshot Portraits  Full Text

In Memory

The Editors, George Ames Plimpton