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The Paris Review No. 90, Winter 1983

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Dressing to make people feel “bemused but not excluded,” Auden’s quirky images, and Coca-Cola addiction in Paris: An interview with John Ashbery.

The Art of Publishing II: James Laughlin on New Directions, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein.

Portraits by Josef Breitenbach of James Joyce, John Steinbeck, and Bertolt Brecht.

Table of Contents


William Ferguson, Dies Irae, Morrissey

Eugene Garber, The Flight

Joy Williams, Tricks


John Ashbery, The Art of Poetry No. 33  Full Text

James Laughlin, The Art of Publishing No. 1, Part 2  Full Text


John Ashbery, Rain Moving In  Full Text

Judith Baumel, Proper Distance and Proper Time

Marvin Bell, Felt But Not Touched — Seattle

George Bradley, Caskets in the Fayoum

Nicholas Christopher, Sunday, Looking Westward

Jonathan Cott, Two Poems

Tess Gallagher, Two Poems

James Baker Hall, Traveling by Moonlight

John Koethe, One Light

Mark Rudman, Solitaire

Barry Spacks, Two Poems

Gerald Stern, Five Poems

Patricia Storace, Still Life

Baron Wormser, Three Poems

Charles Wright, Three Poems

Paul Zweig, Two Poems


Josef Breitenbach, Ten Portraits


Ken Goodman, Smoker IV

Roberto Juarez, Ugly Girls

Kenny Scharf, New Vim!