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The Paris Review No. 184, Spring 2008

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Kazuo Ishiguro on the art of fiction: “I write quite mundane prose. I think where I'm good is between drafts.”

In a recently discovered interview, Leonard Michaels talks about his typewriter: “It was given to me by my first wife. She also once threw it at my head. To help you write, she cried.”

New fiction from J. David Stevens and Tim Winton, and a debut story from Ryan McIlvain.

Spring poetry featuring Dan Chiasson, Katie Ford, and Tomaž Šalamun.

Collages by Louis Armstrong and photographs by Lena Herzog, plus a memoir from Mark Dow.

Table of Contents


Ryan McIlvain, Keep It Bible

J. David Stevens, Box  Full Text

Tim Winton, Loonie and Me


Kazuo Ishiguro, The Art of Fiction No. 196  Full Text

Leonard Michaels, The Lost Interview


Dan Chiasson, Where’s the Moon, There’s the Moon (A Story for Children)  Full Text

Peter Cooley, A Café on Magazine Street, New Orleans, September  Full Text

Stephen Dunn, At the Nihilist's Funeral

Katie Ford, Earth  Full Text

Dave Lucas, Two Poems

Gerard Malanga, Mercedes de Acosta

Glyn Maxwell, Two Poems

Idra Novey, The Experiment

Jessica Reed, Ophidiophobia  Full Text

Tomaz Salamun, We Lived in a Hug, Shivering with Cold  Full Text

Elizabeth Spires, Badger Disguised as a Monk

Martha Zweig, Shingle


Mark Dow, Dome Light  Full Text


Lena Herzog & Graham Dorrington, Airship  Full Text


Louis Armstrong, Reel to Reel