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The Paris Review No. 15, Winter 1956

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“My head has always seemed to me like a brightly lit room, full of the most delightful objects,” Thornton Wilder on the Art of Fiction.

Henri Michaux describes (and draws) a bad peyote trip.

Stories by Pati Hill and Terry Southern. Poems by A. Alvarez and Donald Finkel.

Table of Contents


Victor Chapin, White Christmas

Pati Hill, Ben

Hughes Rudd, The Fishers

Terry Southern, South's Summer Idyll


Thornton Wilder, The Art of Fiction No. 16  Full Text


A. Alvarez, The Bad Dream and the Photograph

Edgar Bowers, Adam's Song to Heaven

Barney Childs, On the Last Veterans of the Civil War

Donald Finkel, An Aesthetic of Imitation

Robert Layzer, The Sleeping Beauty

Robert Mezey, In the Environs of the Funeral Home

John Miles, Escape Story

Vassar Miller, Love Song for the Future

Will Morgan, The Tennessee Marriage

Herbert Morris, Twenty-Seven

Constance Urdang, The Madman

Harold Witt, The World is White


Henri Michaux, from "Misérable Miracle"


Eugene Berman, Roman Sketches

Pierre Tal Coat, Five Drawings