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The Paris Review No. 89, Fall 1983

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“Gertrude would pull over to the side of the road and she and Alice B. Toklas would take out their picnic things from the car and find a nice cozy spot to overlook it all. They’d sit and chat and eat while I would change the tire”: James Laughlin on the Art of Publishing, Part I.

An Art of Poetry interview with May Sarton.

Twenty years of letters from Zelda to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Table of Contents


Michael Brownstein, Out West and Back East

Thomas Glynn, If I Don't Phone, I'll Call, or Something

Victor Perera, Daogiri

Murray Pomerance, The Ninth Life


James Laughlin, The Art of Publishing No. 1, Part 1  Full Text

May Sarton, The Art of Poetry No. 32  Full Text


Frank Bidart, Confessional

Lavina Blossom, Four Poems

Mark DeFoe, Jan. 27, 1979

Madeline DeFrees, The Book of Sediments

James Fenton, Children in Exile

James Laughlin, Five Stolen Poems

Robert Moses, I Want My Beard

Lawrence Raab, Listening to a Certain Song

John R. Reed, Paestum

May Sarton, Two Poems

Elizabeth Spires, Second Story


Monica Youn, Zelda: A Worksheet


Don Bachardy, Portraits of Writers

Robert Cumming, Drawings