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The Paris Review No. 154, Spring 2000

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Interviews with Geoffrey Hill, Carolyn Kizer, and Derek Mahon.

Pomework: Occasional Poems by A. R. Ammons, Agha Shahid Ali, Albert Goldbarth, Seamus Heaney, Elizabeth Macklin, Kay Ryan, Grace Schulman, Anne Winters, Charles Wright, and others.

Emily Dickinson Goes to Las Vegas: Simon Worrall investigates a forgery.

The Man in the Back Row asks the critics: David Barber, Harold Bloom, Stephen Burt, Frank Kermode, Richard Lamb, William Logan, Daniel Mendelsohn, Richard Poirier, and Helen Vendler.

Table of Contents


Robert Bly, The Art of Poetry No. 79  Full Text

Geoffrey Hill, The Art of Poetry No. 80  Full Text

Carolyn Kizer, The Art of Poetry No. 81  Full Text

Derek Mahon, The Art of Poetry No. 82  Full Text


Agha Shahid Ali, A Ghazal for Michael Palmer

Nin Andrews, Poets on Poets

John Ashbery, Two Poems  Full Text

Mary Jo Bang, Two Poems

Daniel J. Beachy-Quick, Two Poems

Murray Bodo, After the Earthquakes

Thomas Bolt, Two Poems

Bruce Bond, Oval

Shannon Borg, Walking London with Charlotte Mew

Lucie Brock-Broido, Periodic Table of Ethereal Elements

Peter Covino, At the Triple Treat Theatre

Catherine Coy, Three Poems

Brian Culhane, Chekhov's "The Student"

Arnaut Daniel, Lo Ferm voler qu'el cor m'intra

Robert Devlin, Two Poems

Bryan D. Dietrich, The Magician

Jeff Dolven, Two Poems

Michael Fried, The End of History

Debora Greger, To the Snow  Full Text

Eamon Grennan, Musical Interlude

Marilyn Hacker, A Farewell to the Finland Woman

Judith Hall, Upon the Bed-Trick Played on Jack

Jeffrey Harrison, Two Poems

Matthea Harvey, Thermae

Zbigniew Herbert, Three Poems

William Hunt, Outside with Georg Trakl

Karl Kirchwey, Three Poems

John Koethe, Theories of Prayer

Yusef Komunyakaa, Nipples

Nicole Krauss, Two Poems

James Lasdun, Deathmeadow Mountain

Daniel Lewis, Word Dog Doesn't Bite

Elizabeth Macklin, Two Poems

J. Cailin Oakes, Substitute

Joe Osterhaus, New York Minute

Geoffrey G. O’Brien, To

Pam A. Parker, Venice 1993, Adventures in Crossdressing

Evan Smith Rakoff, Three Poems

Timothy Richardson, Three Poems

Robyn Selman, Essay in the Form of a Russian Doll

Gleb Shulpyakov, Two Poems

John Tranter, See Rover Reach

Pimone Triplett, One More Time

Reetika Vazirani, Independence

Rosanna Warren, Cyprian

Greg Williamson, Double Exposures

Saadi Youssef, Three Poems

Cynthia Zarin, Auden in the Aquarium


, Reflections on a Worksheet

A. R. Ammons, Pomework: An Exercise in Occasional Poetry

David Barber, The Man in the Back Row Has a Question VI

Dan Glover, Travels with Ezra

Robert Pinsky, Occasional Poetry and Poetry on Occasions

Simon Worrall, Emily Dickinson Goes to Las Vegas


George Plimpton, Notice


James Siena, Upside Down Devil