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The Paris Review No. 79, Spring 1981

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“I really don’t see War and Peace as a great novel because it seems constantly to be trying to prove that nobody who was in the war knew what was going on”: An interview with Rebecca West.

“Longevity, gentlemen, is not an end. It is a prolongation”: Ernest Hemingway on the short story.

Stories by Raymond Carver, William Faulkner, William Gass, and Terry Southern. Poems by Amiri Baraka, Joe Brainard, Robert Creeley, X. J. Kennedy, Maxine Kumin, and Charles Tomlinson.

Table of Contents


Jerry Bumpus, The Attack on San Clemente

Raymond Carver, Why Don't You Dance?

William Faulkner, The Werewolf

William Gass, Summer Bees

Terry Southern, Heavy Put-Away


Rebecca West, The Art of Fiction No. 65  Full Text


John Ashbery, Two Poems  Full Text

Amiri Baraka, Pres Spoke in a Language  Full Text

Michael Benedikt, St. Rafael's Lament

Joe Brainard, The Outer Banks

Tom Clark, Crisis on the Savannah  Full Text

Robert Creeley, For John Duff

Donald Davie, At the Café Parnasse

James Dickey, The Lyric Beasts

Kenward Elmslie, August  Full Text

Elaine Feinstein, from An England Sequence

Allen Grossman, Bow Spirit

Thom Gunn, Selves

Paul Hall, Illustration

John Hollander, All Our Poems of Death Are Juvenilia

Richard Howard, With a Potpourri from Down Under

X. J. Kennedy, The Death of Professor Backwards

Galway Kinnell, The Milk Bottle

Kenneth Koch, Best Wishes

Maxine Kumin, Going to Jerusalem  Full Text

Denise Levertov, Sound of the Axe

Philip Levine, A Sign  Full Text

John Logan, Medecine Bow

Christopher Logue, Urbanal

Robert Mezey, In the Fields of the Dead

Herbert Morris, Praise for the Second Daughter

Howard Moss, News from the Border

Joyce Carol Oates, Small Miracles

Ron Padgett, Poem

James Schuyler, The Payne Whitney Poems

Frederick Seidel, Flame  Full Text

Anne Sexton, Admonitions to a Special Person

David Shapiro, To the Earth

Louis Simpson, Magritte Shaving  Full Text

William Stafford, One of the Ways

Gerald Stern, June First

May Swenson, From a Daybook

Charles Tomlinson, Programme Note

Charles Wright, Laguna Blues


Martha Gellhorn, Guerre de Plume

Ernest Hemingway, The Art of the Short Story

Laura (Riding) Jackson, Guerre de Plume

George Plimpton, et al., The Paris Review Sketchbook

Stephen Spender, Guerre de Plume


Alice Aycock, The First City of the Dead: The City of Doors (1914)

Carole Caroompas, The Songs She Sang to Herself and the Dreams of the Lady of the Castle Perilous

David Hockney, Drawings from the French Triple Bill

Sol LeWitt, Six Geometric Figures

Philip Smith, Simple Vase with New Background