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The Paris Review No. 73, Spring-Summer 1978

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“Suspense comes from making sure your algebra is right. Time is the only critic”: James M. Cain on the Art of Fiction.

Anthony Powell on gloomy Oxford days, Proust’s eroticism, and prosopography.

Stories by Barton Midwood, David Rieff, and Dallas Wiebe. Poems by Don Bogen and Ronald Wallace.

Table of Contents


Helen Chasin, Marriage

Barton Midwood, Suicide: A Meditation

David Rieff, The Pleasures of the Text

Anthony Valerio, The Skyjacker

Dallas Wiebe, Night Flight to Stockholm


James M. Cain, The Art of Fiction No. 69  Full Text

Anthony Powell, The Art of Fiction No. 68  Full Text


Don Bogen, A Postcard from St. Petersburg

Phil Boiarski, Dziadek

Michael Borich, The Girl

Vic Coccimiglio, Conception

Ronald Crowe, Inventory

David Daskovsky, Pile of Ash

Tom Disch, Three Poems

Richard Grossman, Three Poems

Lou Horvath, Two Poems

Phyllis Janowitz, Luncheon at the Marshalls

Paul Jenkins, Two Poems

Peter Leight, The Business of Power

Elizabeth Macklin, Brooding

Pamela Miller, Two Poems

Brenda Nasio, Two Poems

Frederick L. Rusch, Elephant Poem

R. Stephen Russell, Two Poems

Sherod Santos, Two Poems

Peter Serchuk, What the Amimals Said

Susan Stewart, The Carnival at the End of the Parade

Karen Swenson, Pockets

F. Keith Wahle, Secrets

Ronald Wallace, Two Poems

Tom Weigel, Exile

Frederic Will, Five Poems


Robert Horvitz, Six Drawings

Richard Prince, From None