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The Paris Review No. 19, Summer 1958

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“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in”: Henry Green on revision, changes in style, and the secrets of a writer’s writer’s writer.

“More drinkers should be dragged to the bottle than from it”: An essay by Niccolo Tucci.

Stories by V. S. Naipaul and Philip Roth. Poems by Philip Larkin and James Merrill.

Table of Contents


V. S. Naipaul, My Aunt Gold Teeth  Full Text

Philip Roth, Epstein  Full Text

Evelyn Shefner, The Fourth-Floor Apartment


Henry Green, The Art of Fiction No. 22  Full Text


Richard Barnes, La Vie Littéraire en Province

David Galler, The Wrack

Allen Grossman, The Householder Awakes

Allen Grossman, Without Watchers We Are Not Safe

Philip Larkin, Referred Back

Oswald LeWinter, A Monsieur Lyonard, Peintre du Roi

Lawrence Lipton, Materia Poetica

James Merrill, Amsterdam

Perry Organ, Esprit de Corps

Robert Pack, The Appointment

David Perkins, A Lady Dying

Helen Pinkerton, Error Pursued

Helen Pinkerton, At Jackson, Montana

Alan Stephens, A Walk in the Void

John Woods, When Senses Fled


Niccolò Tucci, To Be and Not to Be


Vanni, Four Drawings

Jacques Villon, Seven Drawings