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The Paris Review No. 20, Autumn-Winter 1958-1959

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James Jones on dialogue (“almost too easy”), characterization (“no human being is really a symbol”), and America (“big, awkward, sprawling”).

Moon rider bound to another paradise: A Marc Chagall portfolio with text by James Lord.

Philip Roth’s Good-bye Columbus.

Poems by Robert Bly and James Wright.

Table of Contents


William Butler, The Building

Philip Roth, Goodbye Columbus


James Jones, The Art of Fiction No. 22  Full Text


Robert Bly, The Sorb Is The Tree of Thor

E. G. Burrows, Icon

Richard Elman, Arbor Day

Allen Grossman, Holy Ghost Hospital

Peter Levi S.J., In a Corner of Eden

Stephen Orgel, Talking it Out

Ralph Pomeroy, A Frog, Leaping

Louis Simpson, The Boarder

William Stafford, Recoil

Edward Watkins, Light Essay on a Serious Theme

Thomas Whitbread, Glutton

James Wright, Old Man Drunk  Full Text


Marc Chagall, Five Drawings

Jean Hélion, Seven Drawings