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The Paris Review No. 207, Winter 2013

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Geoff Dyer on the art of nonfiction: “The process of book writing for me is entirely one of trial and error.” And Edward P. Jones on the art of fiction: “Until I can read a story physically, with the eyes, it doesn’t seem to exist for me.” 

The first installment of a novel by Rachel Cusk. New fiction from J. D. Daniels, Jenny Offill, Nell Freudenberger, Ottessa Moshfegh, and Lydia Davis, and the winner of the NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest.

Poems by Kevin Prufer, Susan Stewart, Hilda Hilst, Charlie Smith, Monica Youn, Sylvie Baumgartel, Emily Moore, and Linda Pastan. A portfolio of nudes by Chuck Close.

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The Paris Review No. 206, Fall 2013

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Ursula K. Le Guin on the art of fiction: “A genre is a form, in a sense, and that can lead you to ideas that you would not have just thought up if you were working in an undefined field.” And Emmanuel Carrère on the art of nonfiction: “Like everyone, I know some big words, but I try my damndest not to use them.” 

New fiction from Benjamin Nugent, Ottessa Moshfegh, Andrew Martin, Christine Smallwood, and Bill Cotter, and a translation of Karl Kraus by Jonathan Franzen.

Poems by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Jana Prikryl, Durs Grünbein, Maureen N. McLane, Craig Morgan Teicher, Luigia Sorrentino, Dan Chiasson, Charles Simic, and Frederick Seidel. A portfolio of Dutch scenes, curated by Lydia Davis.

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The Paris Review No. 205, Summer 2013

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Michael Holroyd on the art of biography: “I believe in private life for the living, and I think that when one is dead one should be a little bit bolder, so that the rest of us may have some record of how things actually were.” And Hermione Lee: “Some cynical biographer said to me, Make sure it’s a good death. Make sure you’re not picking someone who just declined.” Imre Kertész on the art of fiction: “Perhaps I’m being impertinent, but I feel that my work has a rare quality—I tried to depict the human face of this history, I wanted to write a book that people would actually want to read.”

New fiction from Lydia Davis, Ben Lerner, Robert Walser, Gillian Linden, David Gates, and Emma Cline, an essay by Kristin Dombek, and the winner of the NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest.

Poems by Patrizia Cavalli, D. Nurkse, Henri Cole, Geoffrey Brock, Gretchen Marquette, Karl Kirchwey, Donna Stonecipher, Rachel Hadas, Charles Harper Webb, and Henk Rossouw. A portfolio from the collection of Annette and Peter Nobel.

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The Paris Review No. 204, Spring 2013

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Deborah Eisenberg on the art of fiction: “You write something and there’s no reality to it. You can’t inject it with any kind of reality.” And Mark Leyner: “I emerged with a torn shirt, sweaty—and victorious. That’s what my experience of writing The Sugar Frosted Nutsack was like. Battling this pterodactyl in the closet with a pan.”

New fiction from Ottessa Moshfegh, David Gates, Tess Wheelwright, Mark Leyner, Adam O’Fallon Price, and Adelaide Docx, and essays by Vivian Gornick and David Searcy.

Poems by Peter Cole, Sylvie Baumgartel, Stephen Dunn, John Freeman, Tony Hoagland, Frederick Seidel, Ange Mlinko, Melcion Mateu, and Kevin Young. A portfolio from the archives of Willa Kim.

Cover: JR, Unframed: George Plimpton, 1967, from a photograph by Henry Grossman.

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