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The Paris Review No. 175, Fall/Winter 2005

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The Writers at Work interview with Orhan Pamuk: “My mind is like that of a little playful child, trying to show his daddy how clever he is.”

Karl Taro Greenfeld explores the birthplace of SARS: “Southern Chinese have always eaten their way through the far reaches of the animal kingdom more adventurously than others . . . the sheer variety and volume of creatures they consumed came to include virtually any obtainable species of land, sea, or air.”

New war fiction by Benjamin Percy: “Throughout my childhood I could hear, if I cupped a hand to my ear, the lowing of bulls, the bleating of sheep, and the report of assault rifles shouting from the hilltops.”

Poetry by Mary Jo Bang, plus selections from a portfolio by Writers at Work interviewee Jack Gilbert.

Table of Contents


Ma Jian, The Woman and the Blue Sky

Benjamin Percy, Refresh, Refresh  Full Text


Jack Gilbert, The Art of Poetry No. 91  Full Text

Orhan Pamuk, The Art of Fiction No. 187  Full Text


Mary Jo Bang, Five Poems

John Burnside, Six Poems

Jack Gilbert, Five Poems


Andy Friedman, At the Fish Market


Suyeon Yun, Two Koreas, Ten Portraits


Karl Taro Greenfeld, Wild Flavor


Vladimir Nabokov, Revolution