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The Paris Review No. 114, Spring 1990

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Nathalie Sarraute on Sartre: “I liked him as a friend, but found him physically one of the most repulsive men I had ever seen—it was terrible!”

“Hardy was drawn to those great independent women in his Wessex . . . they choose their own defeat, and that has been hard for me to face”: An interview with Mary Lee Settle.

Stories by Stuart Dybek, Peter Matthiessen, and Larry Woiwode. Poems by Suzanne Gardinier, David Mamet, and Franz Wright.

Table of Contents


Stuart Dybek, Nighthawks

Peter Matthiessen, from Killing Mr. Watson

Christoph Ransmayr, from The Last World

Paul West, Night in Whitechapel

Larry Woiwode, Summer Storms


Nathalie Sarraute, The Art of Fiction No. 115  Full Text

Mary Lee Settle, The Art of Fiction No. 116  Full Text


John Ash, Scenes From Schumann

Stephen Dunn, Two Poems

Thomas Frick, Sleep

Suzanne Gardinier, Dear Sam, Taken by the Adoption Agency

Melissa Green, The Consolation of Boethius

Brenda Hillman, Autumn Moon

David Mamet, Two Men

Donna Masini, At the Bandshell by the River

Sandra McPherson, The Thorn-Shaver on Fifth

Karen Murai, Three Poems

Bin Ramke, The Center for Atmospheric Research

Christopher Reid, Caretaking

Mark Rudman, The Nowhere Where

Joe Sheerin, Four Poems

Franz Wright, Three Poems


Robie Macauley, Silence, Exile, and Cunning


Ashley Bickerton, Good

Meyer Vaisman, Untitled