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The Paris Review No. 144, Fall 1997

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Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney and United States Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky on the Art of Poetry.

Elias Canetti’s “Notes from Hampstead.”

Stories by Rick Moody and David Foster Wallace. Poems by Yusef Komunyakaa, Wislawa Szymborska, and John Updike.

Table of Contents


Jane Avrich, The Great Flood

Peter Matthiessen, Lost Man's River

Rick Moody, The Mansion on the Hill

Kate Walbert, The Blue Hour

David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men  Full Text


Seamus Heaney, The Art of Poetry No. 75  Full Text

Robert Pinsky, The Art of Poetry No. 76  Full Text


Michael Blumenthal, Falling Asleep at the Erotic Mozi

Anne Babson Carter, A Morning View of Bluehill Village

Brad Davis, Two Poems

Ben Downing, The Calligraphy Shop

Clayton Eshleman, Giverny

Marilyn Hacker, Two Poems

Carol Vanderveer Hamilton, Narcolepsy

Richard Kenney, Venice and Mars

Karl Kirchwey, Syracuse

Kenneth Koch, My Olivetti Speaks

Yusef Komunyakaa, Memory Cave

Timothy Liu, Three Poems

Joanie Mackowski, Waiting

Corey Marks, American Monochrome

Deborah Pease, What Is the Word for Window?

Maura Stanton, The Last Judgment

Terese Svoboda, Old God

Wislawa Szymborska, Negative

John Updike, Two Cunts in Paris

Sidney Wade, Three Poems

David Yezzi, Two Poems


Aldo Buzzi, A Self-Interview

Elias Canetti, Selected Notes from Hampstead


Pierre Constanca, Contents Illustration

Frank Yamrus, Six Bodies