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The Paris Review No. 174, Summer 2005

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From the interview with Salman Rushdie: “My life has given me this other subject: worlds in collision. How do you make people see that everyoneís story is now a part of everyone elseís story?”

Debut fiction by Lisa Halliday: “Luigiís infinite repertoire had transformed him into a boy Orpheus. No minefield of consonants to worry about: he didnít have to speak. Even his appearance had begun to change.”

From China's Lowest Depths—Liao Yiwu speaks with a public toilet manager:“I have never seen a royal-family member taking a shit. If they did, they wouldnít come to do it in this public toilet.”

New poetry by Jesse Ball and Dan Chiasson.

Table of Contents


Damon Galgut, The Follower

Lisa Halliday, Stump Louie  Full Text

Etgar Keret, A Bet


Salman Rushdie, The Art of Fiction No. 186  Full Text


Jesse Ball, Six Poems

Dan Chiasson, Five Poems


Gilles Peress, A Morning, a March, a Riot, a Death


Elizabeth Bishop, Notebooks


Liao Yiwu, from Voices from the Bottom Rung of Society

Translator's Note

Wenguang Huang, Liao Yiwu: The Big Lunatic