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The Paris Review No. 30, Summer-Fall 1963

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A cranky S. J. Perelman gets choked up over Joyce and rants against Hollywood jackals.

An Art of Fiction interview with Evelyn Waugh.

Van Go, Van Gock, Van Guff: John Mulligan on the making of the movie Lust for Life.

A story by Dante Troisi. Poems by Fred Chapell and Philip Levine.

Table of Contents


Charles Haldeman, Man is a Wonderful, Woundable Animal

Dante Troisi, Diary of a Judge

Dallas E. Wiebe, Sonnet


S. J. Perelman, The Art of Fiction No. 31  Full Text

Evelyn Waugh, The Art of Fiction No. 30  Full Text


Francis Boylan, The Tramp

Alan Brownjohn, A Difficulty

James Camp, Two Poems

Matthew Carney, Worth

Fred Chappell, Tiros II

Alistair Elliot, Thoughts by the Fire

Donald Gardner, St. Jerome

Bernard Keith, Three Poems

Edward Kessler, Deer

Milton Kessler, Route 40—Ohio, U.S.A.

Suzanne La Marre, Aphrodite

Philip Levine, Two Poems

James Lovett, Venetian Elegy

Ted Milton, Sun, Your Grief is My Grief

Richard O’Connell, from Cries of Flesh and Stone

Donald Petersen, Two at Zürich

Norman Porter, Crown Shot

Norman Rosten, St. Germain des Prés

Ross Shideler, W. Stevens at my Swedish Wedding

James Simmons, Me and the World

John Taylor, Narcissus Considers the Bar Mirror

Dunstan Thompson, Images and Reflections


John Mulligan, Vincent Van Gogh -- The Big Picture

Niccolò Tucci, On the Economy


Ernst Fuchs, A Portfolio of Paintings and an Interview