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The Paris Review No. 10, Fall 1955

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A memory like a “whore’s top drawer” and the Art of Fiction: An interview with James Thurber.

“Whenever you looked at it you heard music, divine music, music such as Steppenwolf heard when Herman Hesse gave him an injection “: Henry Miller introduces a Zev portfolio.

A story by Evan S. Connell. Poems by Adrienne Rich and James Wright.

Table of Contents


Evan S. Connell, The Beau Monde of Mrs. Bridge  Full Text

Zygmunt Haupt, Madrigal

Ben Morreale, Hate

Donald Winks, The Angry Man


James Thurber, The Art of Fiction No. 10  Full Text


Sanford Edelstein, The Salamander

Elisabeth Jennings, Sequence in Venice

Helen Neville, The Gilt Girl

Adrienne Rich, The Tree

Wilfred Watson, The Ballad of Mother and Son

James Wright, To A Friend Condemned to Prison


May Swenson, Eclogue


Zev, Eight Drawings