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The Paris Review No. 17, Autumn-Winter 1957

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“The moment you grab somebody by the lapels and you’ve got something to tell, that’s a real story”: Frank O’Connor on the Art of Fiction.

A pleasure principle and a Calvinist conscience: Angus Wilson defends his characters.

A story by James Blake. Poems by John Hollander and W.S. Merwin.

Table of Contents


James Blake, Day of the Alligator

Hughes Rudd, A Bankrupt

John Shepley, Laughing With Grandmother


Frank O’Connor, The Art of Fiction No. 19  Full Text

Angus Wilson, The Art of Fiction No. 20  Full Text


Arthur Boyars, Initial

John Haislip, First Frost  Full Text

Roger Hecht, The Burden

John Hollander, By the Sea

Jascha Kessler, On Forgetting To Set My Alarm Clock

Laurence D. Lerner, Mimesis

W. S. Merwin, The Frozen Sea

Paul Petrie, After the Funeral

Dachine Rainer, Goodbye Man

John Wain, The New Sun


W. S. Merwin, Flight Home


Mario Avati, Cover, Contents Page, Ten Engravings

Robert Winthrop White, Four Drawings for Sculpture