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The Paris Review No. 88, Summer 1983

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Raymond Carver on the initial thrills of publication, crap jobs, early morning liquor store runs, and writing to “throw off sparks.”

An Art of Fiction interview with Nadine Gordimer.

Stories by Raymond Carver, Lydia Davis, James McCourt, and Charlie Smith. Poems by Timothy Steele and Paul Eluard.

Table of Contents


Raymond Carver, Careful

Lydia Davis, Break It Down

James McCourt, Mawrdew Czgowchwz in Dublin

Charlie Smith, Crystal River


Raymond Carver, The Art of Fiction No. 76  Full Text

Nadine Gordimer, The Art of Fiction No. 77  Full Text


Killarney Clary, Five Poems

Paul Eluard, Shared Nights

Geoffrey Hill, The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Peguy

Eugenio Montale, Dora Markus

Howard Nemerov, Two Poems

Molly Peacock, Two Poems

Sappho, Prayer to Aphrodite

Timothy Steele, Two Poems

Virgil, The Pyres


Shusha Guppy, Circle of Friends: An Interview with Lady Diana Cooper


Steve Gianakos, Chubby Boys and Chubby Girls  Full Text