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The Paris Review No. 50, Fall 1970

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George Seferis on work habits, Greece, political unrest, and winning the Noble Prize.

Jim Carroll’s Basketball Diaries.

Stories by Kenward Elmslie, Deborah Love, Barton Midwood, and Sara Spencer. Poems by Jim Carroll and Alice Notley.

Table of Contents


Kenward Elmslie, The Orchid Stories

Deborah Love, One Winter

Barton Midwood, The Parky

Sara Spencer, Addled


George Seferis, The Art of Poetry No. 13  Full Text


Bruce Andrews, Getting a Job, American 1970

David Antin, West

John Ashbery, The New Spirit

Bill Berkson, Two Poems

Bill Bissett, Poem

Jim Brodey, Sky a la Mode

Jim Carroll, Prell

Clark Coolidge, Latter

Larry Fagin, Journey to a Star

Dick Gallup, Bailing Rags

John Giorno, Giorno Poetry Systems

Daniela Gioseffi, Poems

Lewis MacAdams, Two Poems

Alice Notley, Three Poems

Hilton Obenzinger, Numbskull, Inject

Michael Palmer, Prose 22

James Schuyler, The Fireproof Floors of Witley Court

Alan Senauke, True Life Blues


Jim Carroll, The Basketball Diaries