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The Paris Review No. 165, Spring 2003

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An interview with Jorie Graham on the Art of Poetry.

“Quite the most enchanting maniac I’ve met”: A visit with Patrick Leigh Fermor.

William T. Vollmann on the Siege of Stalingrad.

Stories by John Griesemer, Miranda July, and Josip Novakovich. Poems by A. R. Ammons, Billy Collins, Dana Goodyear, and Bruce Smith.

Table of Contents


John Griesemer, The Isle of Dogs

Miranda July, Birthmark

Josip Novakovich, Spleen

William T. Vollmann, The Last Field Marshal


Jorie Graham, The Art of Poetry No. 85  Full Text


A. R. Ammons, Everything

George Bradley, A Few of Her Secrets

Nicholas Christopher, Two Poems

Billy Collins, One Self

Mark Conway, Two Poems

John Diamond-Nigh, Two Poems

Lee Fulton, Sardegna

Guy Goffette, Boarding the Streetcar: Variations

Dana Goodyear, Flagrance

Debora Greger, To the Fifties

Aileen Grumbach, Waiting on Sabbathday Lake

Marilyn Hacker, Jean-Michel Galibert

John Hollander, Two Poems

Robin Magowan, Two Poems

Cate Marvin, Have You Been Anywhere?

Juliet Mattila, The Disappearance of the Color Red

W. S. Merwin, Two Poems

Jennifer Militello, Two Poems

Alan Michael Parker, The Island

Melanie Rehak, Self-Portrait as the Liberal Arts

Neil Shepard, Youthful, I Fell Off the Temple of Apollo

Bruce Smith, Song of Le Sony'r Ra

Charlie Smith, Two Poems

Joanne Straley, Seeds

Joel Whitney, Of Fasting


Ben Downing, A Visit with Patrick Leigh Fermor  Full Text

Paula Fox, After the Snow

Shusha Guppy, A Talk with Jonathan Miller


George Plimpton, Notice


Shazia Sikander, Miniatures