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The Paris Review No. 22, Autumn-Winter 1959-1960

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“I think the best regimen is to get up early, insult yourself a bit in the shaving-mirror, and then pretend you’re cutting wood”: An interview with Lawrence Durrell.

Stories by Samuel Blazer, Cecil Dawkins, and William Styron. Poems by James Dickey and David Ferry.

Table of Contents


Samuel Blazer, The Fire-eater, or The Left Thigh Mocks the World

Cecil Dawkins, The Buffalo Ranch  Full Text

William Styron, The McCabes


Lawrence Durrell, The Art of Fiction No. 23  Full Text


B. Singer Bentley, Honesty

Henri Coulette, Evening in the Park

Lila de Nobili, Times Square

James Dickey, Mindoro, 1944

David Ferry, Learning from History

Theodore Holmes, The People of Ilion

Carolyn Kizer, On Rising from the Dead

Harold Norse, An Episode from Procopius

Donald Petersen, Triptych

Erroll Pritchard, A Conundrum for the Bone-Collector

William Stafford, Love the Butcher Bird Lurks Everywhere


Brigitte Coudrain, Five Drawings


Domenico Gnoli, Four Drawings