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The Paris Review No. 51, Spring 1971

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“Always receiving kisses and slaps, caresses and kicks–and that is the life of the poet”: Pablo Neruda on the Art of Poetry.

Stories by Jane DeLynn, George Fox, Harry Mathews, James Salter, Jonathan Schwartz, Kathrine Talbot, and Dallas E. Wiebe. Poems by Robert Creeley and Tom Clark.

Table of Contents


Jane DeLynn, Glimpses

George Fox, The Twenty-sixth Second

Harry Mathews, The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium

James Salter, The Destruction of the Goetheanum

Jonathan Schwartz, Family Matters

Kathrine Talbot, The Lion of Heyst

Dallas E. Wiebe, Skyblue as the Letter C


Pablo Neruda, The Art of Poetry No. 14  Full Text


Muin Beseisu, Three Poems

Julien Blaine, Three Poems

Steve Brooks, the breakfast show

Stephen A. Canada, Three Poems

Tom Clark, Bugs Ate This Lake Clean

Robert Creeley, Poems

Mahmoud Darwish, A Song and the Sultan  Full Text

Robert Harris, Two Poems

Michael McClure, Moiré

Patrick Nolan, Three Poems

Charlie Vermont, For Barbara

John Wieners, Two Poems