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The Paris Review No. 35, Fall 1965

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An Art of Fiction interview with William Burroughs.

“When I first took my own group on 52nd Street, in ‘44, people used to ask us, ‘What is that crap? What is that Chinese music?’” An interview with Dizzy Gillespie.

Stories by Irvin E. Faust, Leonard Gardner, and Clancy Sigal.

Table of Contents


Irvin E. Faust, Operation Buena Vista

Leonard Gardner, Christ Has Returned to Earth and Preaches Here Nightly

Clancy Sigal, Doctor Marfa


William S. Burroughs, The Art of Fiction No. 36  Full Text

Dizzy Gillespie, An Interview


Robin Blaser, The Faerie Queene

Edward Dorn, Two Poems

Larry Eigner, Three Poems

Elaine Feinstein, Bodies

Kenneth Irby, Evening Poem

Ron Padgett, To Francis Sauf Que

Tom Pickard, Two Poems

Aram Saroyan, Poem


William S. Burroughs, St. Louis Return


Bernhard Cohen, Drawings for The Paris Review 1965