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The Paris Review No. 5, Spring 1954

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“Damn Dixie baby-talk” and Southern peanut farms: William Styron on the Art of Fiction.

Livres d’Or: Drawing from the bars and restaurants of Paris by Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, Matisse, and Braque.

Molloy by Samuel Beckett.

Table of Contents


Samuel Beckett, from Molloy

J. Edgar Grove, Don't Joggle Me

Anne Ryan, Ludvica

Gerard-Kornelis Van Het Reve, The Acrobat


William Styron, The Art of Fiction No. 5  Full Text


Patrick Bowles, The Visitors

Richard Eberhart, Independence and Resolution

Donald Hall, To the Loud Wind

Jane Mayhall, The Magician

Douglas Newton, Landscapes of Night and Day


Mac Avoy, Livres d'Or