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The Paris Review No. 47, Summer 1969

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“Everything is made by hand”: An interview with Robert Graves.

George Wickes on the early history of little magazines.

Hockney’s notes for illustrations of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Stories by Renata Adler and Sarah Plimpton. Poems by John Ashbery and Robert Creeley.

Table of Contents


Keith Botsford, A Member of the Delegation

Gerald Jonas, The Stand-in

Jean Marple, The Stand-in

Barton Midwood, The Burglars

Sarah Plimpton, The Old Woman

Mitchell Sisskind, A Day I'll Never Forget

Paul Spike, Multi


Robert Graves, The Art of Poetry No. 11  Full Text


John Ashbery, Three Poems  Full Text

Steve Carey, Hollywood, Spring, 1924

Tom Clark, Two Poems

Robert Creeley, The Edge

John Godfrey, On the Elements

Jorge Guinheime, Poems

Robert Harris, The New Peloria

Hilton Obenzinger, Prologue to my Brains

Charles Plymell, Two Poems

Ed Sanders, Two Poems

Sotère Torregian, Russian Hill

Charlie Vermont, My Father's Retirement Dinner

Laurance Wieder, Water is the Mother of Ice


George Wickes, Little Magazines and Other Publishing Ventures


David Hockney, Notes for Illustrations: Grimm's Fairy Tales