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The Paris Review No. 92, Summer 1984

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The art of ellipses, “novelistic counterpoint,” and polyhistorical illuminations of existence: An interview with Milan Kundera.

Stories by Linda Ashour, E. L. Doctorow, and Ron Padgett. Poems by Ingeborg Bachmann and Eugenio Montale.

Table of Contents


Linda Ashour, Stories I'd Rather Not Tell

Michael Brownstein, Lorenzo's Collection

E. L. Doctorow, The Leather Man

Janet Kauffman, The Easter We Lived in Detroit

Ron Padgett, Monsieur Jim, My Room


Arthur Koestler, The Art of Fiction No. 80  Full Text

Milan Kundera, The Art of Fiction No. 81  Full Text

Edna O’Brien, The Art of Fiction No. 82  Full Text


Ingeborg Bachmann, Ten Poems

Yves Bonnefoy, The Clouds

Dino Campana, The Night

Philip Levine, A Poem with No Ending

Eugenio Montale, Clizia Poems

Claude Mouchard, Black Animal Dependency


Cynthia Koestler, A Memoir: from Stranger on the Square


Louise Bourgeois, Drawings from the 1950s

Mark Kostabi, There Is Only One Clique and You Are the Only One

Doug Lindsay, No Painting