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The Paris Review No. 173, Spring 2005

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From Chicago to Chisinau—Aleksandar Hemon on the trail of an anarchist: “How did his hope so quickly turn to disappointment? How did the Land of the Free kill him, at the age of nineteen, months after he had arrived? This is what I wanted to write about.” “Psychic castration”—Les Murray looks back on his school years: “When American students asked me many years later what I thought about the Columbine massacre, I horrified them by saying, ëWeíre shooting back now.í” Short fiction by A. S. Byatt and Jack Livings: “The children made chase, but the dog was too fast for them, cutting a jagged path through several of the older girls and boys who tried to intercept it at the corner. Zheng waited with Chen Wei, still gripping his butcher knife with two hands.”


Table of Contents


Bernardo Atxaga, Pirpo and Chanberlán, Murderers

A. S. Byatt, The Narrow Jet  Full Text

Ben Fountain, The Lion's Mouth

Hiromi Kawakami, Mogera Wogura  Full Text

James Lasdun, An Anxious Man

Jack Livings, The Dog  Full Text

Rick Moody, The Omega Force


Shirley Hazzard, The Art of Fiction No. 185  Full Text

Les Murray, The Art of Poetry No. 89  Full Text

Charles Simic, The Art of Poetry No. 90  Full Text


David Bergman, A Hard Rain in Hartford

Don Bogen, Two Poems

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Constantine P. Cavafy, Four Poems

Jeff Dolven, This Is a City of Bridges

Sarah Getty, To Speak with the Dead  Full Text

Kate Light, Skipping

Gianmarc Manzione, Three Poems

Les Murray, Two Poems

Deborah Pease, Ballad

Terese Svoboda, Aphra Plays

Elizabeth Brewster Thomas, Two Poems

Pimone Triplett, Last Score

Sidney Wade, Two Poems

Stefi Weisburd, First In Vitro Photograph of a Human Embryo

Joel Whitney, Croatoan

Kyle Wills, Looking for the Lost


Charles Glass, Democracy in Arabia

Aleksandar Hemon, The Lazarus Project: One Writer’s Research