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The Paris Review No. 185, Summer 2008

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An interview with Umberto Eco: “I suspect that there is no serious scholar who doesn't like to watch television. I'm just the only one who confesses.”

Six new poems by master poet Charles Wright: “I'm winding down. The daylight is winding down. / Only the night is wound up tight.”

Chinese dissident writer Liao Yiwu visits the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake.

A dispatch from a New Mexico fire lookout: “A new smoke often looks beautiful: a wisp of white like a feather, a single snag puffing little fingers of smoke in the air.”

New fiction from Karl Taro Greenfeld, Alistair Morgan, and Glen Pourciau. New poetry from Katy Lederer and Matthew Zapruder.

Plus seventy years of complaint letters sent to the mayor of New York, photographs by Vijay Balakrishnan, and Paula Fox's memories of an unusual friendship.

Table of Contents


Karl Taro Greenfeld, Noisemaker

Alistair Morgan, Departure

Glen Pourciau, Claim  Full Text


Umberto Eco, The Art of Fiction No. 197  Full Text


Katy Lederer, Three Poems

Charles Wright, Six Poems

Matthew Zapruder, Four Poems


Paula Fox, The Tender Night  Full Text


Vijay Balakrishnan, Reflected


Philip Connors, Diary of a Fire Lookout


Matthew Bakkom, Dear Mr. Mayor


Liao Yiwu, The Survivor  Full Text