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The Paris Review No. 152, Fall 1999

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Arthur Miller on Willy Loman, meeting Gorbachev, and the Art of Theater.

The Art of Biography: An interview with David McCullough.

Stories by Robert Antoni, Anton Chekhov, and Günter Grass. Poems by Nicholas Christopher, J. D. McClatchy, and Baron Wormser.

Table of Contents


Robert Antoni, My Grandmother's Tale of How Crab-O Lost His Head

Jane Avrich, La Belle Dame Sans Merci

T. Coraghessan Boyle, Going Down

Anton Chekhov, What You Usually Find in Novels

Günter Grass, My Century

Quentin Rowan, Innocents Abroad


Tahar Ben Jelloun, The Art of Fiction No. 159  Full Text

David McCullough, The Art of Biography No. 2  Full Text

Arthur Miller, The Art of Theater No. 2, Part 2  Full Text


Nathaniel Bellows, Three Poems

Larry Bradley, V

Sharon Bryan, Ghazal: The Nightingale

Nicholas Christopher, The Orphanage

Billy Collins, The Butterfly Effect

John Drury, Two Poems

Jason Fales, Two Poems of a Voyeur

Barbara Fischer, Jane in the Box

Allison Funk, On Pruning

Alex Halberstadt, Elegy for a Boyhood Lover Slain in Battle

Daniel Hall, Ghazal

Barbara Hamby, Three Poems

Brian Henry, Two Poems

Bob Hicok, Career Switch

Tom Huey, Escape

David Lehman, Wittgenstein's Ladder

J. D. McClatchy, Tattoos

Andrew McCord, Elegy for the Poet's Nephew Arif

Richard Meier, Three Poems

Sarah Messer, Two Poems

Robert Richman, The Last Book

Brian Swann, Two Poems

Baron Wormser, Travel


Richard Brown Baker, The Days and Nights of a Collector

Anthony Haden-Guest, An Interview with Ashley Bickerton


Ashley Bickerton, Five Paintings

Gary Hume, Doves and Eyes (Pink)

Alex Van Rensselaer, Table of Contents