The Paris Review No. 216, Spring 2016

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Luc Sante on the art of nonfiction: “I think of much of what I do, most of my books, as some kind of poetry.” Robert Caro on the art of biography: “The more facts you get, the more facts you collect, the closer you come to whatever truth there is. The base of biography has to be facts.”

New fiction by Jensen Beach, Chris Bachelder, Witold Gombrowicz, Benjamin Hale, Dana Johnson, Craig Morgan Teicher, and Anne-Laure Zevi.

Poems by John Ashbery, Mary Jo Bang, Erica Ehrenberg, Amit Majmudar, J. D. McClatchy, Morgan Parker, Mary Ruefle, Frederick Seidel, James Tate, and Cynthia Zarin.

Portfolio curated by Luc Sante.


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Table of Contents

Tony Towle, Sunrise: Ode to Frank O'Hara


Chris Bachelder, The Throwback Special: Part 4

Jensen Beach, Migration

Witold Gombrowicz, The Tragic Tale of the Baron and His Wife  Full Text

Benjamin Hale, Don’t Worry Baby

Dana Johnson, She Deserves Everything She Gets

Craig Morgan Teicher, Four Stories

Anne-Laure Zevi, Nom


Robert Caro, The Art of Biography No. 5

Luc Sante, The Art of Nonfiction No. 9


John Ashbery, Four Poems

Mary Jo Bang, Four Poems

Erica Ehrenberg, Pause at the Edge of the Country

Amit Majmudar, Nostalgia

J. D. McClatchy, Two Poems

Morgan Parker, Hottentot Venus

Mary Ruefle, Two Poems

Frederick Seidel, Paris

James Tate, Untitled

Cynthia Zarin, Japanese Poems


Luc Sante, Carluccio & Co.  Full Text