The Paris Review No. 212, Spring 2015

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Hilary Mantel on the art of fiction: “I suppose if I have a maxim, it is that there isn’t any necessary conflict between good history and good drama.” Lydia Davis on the art of fiction: “ I find what happens in reality very interesting and I don’t find a great need to make up things, but I do like retelling stories that are told to me.”  Elena Ferrante on the art of fiction: “ The media simply can't discuss an artwork unless it can point to some protagonist behind it. And yet there is no work of literature that is not the fruit of tradition, of many skills, of a sort of collective intelligence.”

New fiction by Mark Leyner, Angela Flournoy, Ken Kalfus, and James Lasdun. An essay by J. D. Daniels.

Poems by Charles Simic, Peter Gizzi, Sarah Trudgeon, Shuzo Takiguchi, Major Jackson, Craig Morgan Teicher, Susan Stewart, and Stephen Dunn. A portfolios by Mel Bochner and Ben Lerner and Thomas Demand.

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Table of Contents


Angela Flournoy, Lelah

Ken Kalfus, Mercury

James Lasdun, Feathered Glory

Mark Leyner, Gone with the Mind


Lydia Davis, Art of Fiction No. 227

Elena Ferrante, Art of Fiction No. 228

Hilary Mantel, Art of Fiction No. 226


Stephen Dunn, The Owner of the Boutique at Redwood Falls

Peter Gizzi, Three Poems

Major Jackson, Italy

Charles Simic, Three Poems

Susan Stewart, Two Poems

Shuzo Takiguchi, The Fish’s Desire

Craig Morgan Teicher, Book Review: ‘The Mountain Lion’ by Jean Stafford

Sarah Trudgeon, In the Red


Thomas Demand & Ben Lerner, Sample Trees

Mel Bochner, Thesaurus Paintings


J. D. Daniels, Letter from the Primal Horde