Dream old pay phone ringing in hospital I pick up receiver        voice says “The answer is awe.” Still don’t know what to do with it last September right before I was diagnosed        and the dream is still irritating I have a checkup Friday        I’m working on The Old Language again. Does do if it is there nothing or any thing Take the laundry out of the machine—that proves zilch. If the answer were awe, I would be burdened with awe

Infinity as a condition can’t be some feeling The Old Language is written all over and in me, but I’m not it— it’s possible I do it—She brought her friends home with her this morning at 6 A.M.        hate her guts as we used to say Jumble I it the machine        and question all        but the cancer is so available        like so much isn’t—good air and tranquility, space between sets of particles        The particulars of this now shouldn’t be spelled as what you think you know