Time’s Person of the Year was “You.”

I was a sophomore in college. I held the mirror up to my friend.

Outside a fraternity, I stood in a circle of women telling each other how pretty they were.

On the walk back to my room, I passed a monument: water running over granite.

The man I loved wanted me in his bed, so I could tell him he was exceptional.

There is a difference between Echo and the spring: one repeats, one colludes.

In his childhood bed, we had sex, and I turned bright red.

He said, “Someone had a good time,” and I knew it was over.

I moved out of the dorm with my friend, paid less for the smaller room.

At dinner, she said the chef was staring at her. I agreed.

If I told you how she stranded me, the focus would shift to her, as it always did.

There is beauty in submission, but it depends on what one gains from it.

When a poet came to campus, old and failing, she bared herself like a wet stone drying.


Home page illustration by Na Kim.