One day last summer, Huck and I unpenned
The flock of geese that rubbagged by the barn
And herded them along with our two calves
Down to the little pond beside the ferns
And watched them drink until I thought to send
Huck for pap’s whiskey--to get them drunk for laughs.

We poured the crock’s full gallon in the pond
And stirred it up with our bare feet and sat
Down on the bank to watch the outcome of
This joke of mine upon those silly fat
Waddlers, who soon were rolling in the fronds,
Hawking and belching, full of goosey love.

I swear we almost laughed our insides out;
Especially at those two in the grass.
Bargaining away like jews--to save their life;
Until the gander, lit up by this pass,
Bargained his last, and with a screechy shout
Went to, like Brown did with the parson’s wife,

And he, like Brown, went at her from above;
And Mr. Parson’s Wife as usual laughed,
And when aunt Sally hollered down for me,
There was old Mrs. Goose, after our calves;
And though the calves were unprepared for love,
The geese enjoyed the prank and so did we.