The reason that I choose this flat
Prosey tone is that I know the truth
Will not be found in elaborate fountains
Which evocative gush refracting images
To daze, sparkle, reticulate and astound
Cleaved sense. Such truths as may exist
Exist by dint of silence, distinct fragrance
Or by simple quiet phrases which put to bed
All doubts. For example, I was born
A simple salmon in the river without words
Though learned them later and employed
Figures, arabesques, leaps, deletions and inflections
With great echoes to obtain, retain and nurture
Eggs, out of the ocean, over the dam, spawn.
It's possible to get with words. The big words
(Destiny say or cosmically) beget big getters
Who card the words and deal them, call the game
Watch the pot get bigger, then take the whole river-boat
For a ride, relying on a derringer at the wrist
To deal with emergencies. I tend to despise
People who talk truth, they unwittingly commit lies
Which after all denies not that men are fallible
But that if not causation at least ending is inevitable.
Once the children played cowboys in the ruined garden

Is an image of lost innocence, or decay, or possibly death
But it doesn't make me want to catch my breath
With wonder, after I moved from my small garden
Apartment to live closer to the university with a lady
Whom I love, desire, and who loves me back
And better than anybody else. I include these facts

With others I consider in the elementary category
Though I might also include mortality, distance,
Hunger and intuitive psychology in the list since
Here is the vibrant center which is everywhere anyway
And lost,—crises made the breaking of the structures
Not due to silence but to me who put them here.
Sometimes I wonder which voice is mine, I hear
The dust accumulating everywhere like dead snow
On bleak eaves, fields, aluminum storm windows
Is also connotative, suggests words which float
From transmitter to receiver, from dusk to dark.
Plucked, the string vibrates about a single line
Tending rest and motion, an attempt to hold them both
At once, and likewise inspiration seizes on
Two states and makes them one, holds them
Together in a dream of union, just like Lincoln
Until the vibrations come too intense and
A thin glass shatters in the dining room.