Announcing Our New Web Editor



Photo: Kate Kornberg


After a month and a half of wandering, rudderless, in the deserts of mixed metaphor, The Paris Review Daily is delighted to welcome its new editor: Nadja Spiegelman.

Nadja’s memoir, I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This, was published last year. More recently, she coedited Resist!, a free feminist publication of comics and graphics. A former editor at Toon Books, Nadja has written for New York Magazine, the, Fantastic Man, McSweeney’s, and many others. She also introduced Daily readers to verse in emojithe first in what we feel sure will be a series of exciting innovations here at your favorite gazette of culture and the arts. Nadja has spent the past five years living in Paris; she will be returning home this week to join us in our Chelsea offices. (Her personal Paris review? Five stars.)