Forty (More) Hink Pinks: The Answers




Hink pink is a word game in which synonyms, circumlocution, and micronarratives provide clues for rhyming phrases. Check out Dylan Hicks’s forty hink-pink riddles here.

Ed. Note: This week’s puzzle contest is officially over—thanks to all who entered. Our winner this time is Russell Jane Willoughby, who got out thirty-seven of forty really difficult hink pinks. She gets a free subscription to the Review and a copy of Dylan’s new novel, AmateursCongratulations, Russell! Below, the solutions. 


  1. Apter raptor
  2. Paid shade
  3. Fetty Wap’s yeti trap
  4. Daily Paley
  5. Jura sura
  6. JoJo Fletcher’s yo-yo fetcher
  7. Neon Dion
  8. Sharman’s barman.
  9. Bieb’s grebe
  10. Poco Coco
  11. Leonhard Euler, crayon-art toiler
  12. Lactation jactation
  13. Foxy proxy
  14. Steph Curry’s def surrey
  15. Steady Hedy
  16. Tschüss, Bruce
  17. Billet leeway
  18. Boss Hogg’s floss log
  19. Baaba Maal’s ha-ha wall
  20. Tattoo snafu
  21. Salbi’s Galbi (or Kalbi)
  22. Cory Booker’s Dory cooker
  23. Bork’s spork
  24. Quondam condom
  25. Auerbach’s flower smock
  26. Weegee’s squeegee
  27. Fuddy-duddy’s Muddy study
  28. Gretzky’s Jet Ski
  29. Norman Lear’s Mormon schmear
  30. Sharpe’s harp
  31. Otto Dix’s blotto pix
  32. Fossa casa
  33. Dolly’s lolly
  34. Cirque kirk
  35. Yul Brynner, mule skinner
  36. Logy Hoagy
  37. Willoughby’s villa fee
  38. Tidy Heidi
  39. Zealot nun’s pellet gun
  40. Martin Buber cartin’ tubers

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, is out now from Coffee House Press. He contributes a monthly puzzle to the Daily.