Hypothetical Tom Robbins–Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Flavors


Arts & Culture


While we enjoyed the book-inspired ice cream flavors the good people at HuffPo Books put together for National Ice Cream Month, it got us pondering a very real question: How is it that, given their sensibilities and aesthetic, Ben & Jerry’s has never produced an ice cream inspired by the work of Tom Robbins? While one friend pointed out that perhaps Baskin-Robbins gets dibs, the following immediately suggested themselves:

Even Cowgirls Get the Blueberries
Another Rocky Roadside Attraction
Vanilla Incognito
Skinny Legs and Almond (obviously a fat-free yogurt)

Many thanks to all who helped contribute ideas, although it should be said that no one could come up with a delicious flavor based on Still Life with Woodpecker.