Happy Birthday, Gatsby; Good-bye, Britannica


On the Shelf

  • The eighth installment of Kramers Ergot moves toward (cerebral) genre.
  • Rule Britannia: An appreciation of the legendary eleventh edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • This Rizzoli boutique is far more lovely than one would expect a department-store bookstore to be.
  • What are the most frequently shoplifted books? Crowdsourcing the answer!
  • Guess who “enjoys working with Amazon”? Robert Gottlieb, that’s who.
  • On the “Dark Lady of American Letters”: Margaret Fuller was a divisive figure due to “the effect of her manners, which expressed an overweening sense of power, and slight esteem of others … The men thought she carried too many guns, and the women did not like one who despised them.”
  • Bookish weddings.
  • Happy belated birthday, Great Gatsby.