September 1970. Eisenhower High School. I can’t get into the teen spirit of the Hopkins High pep rally. Purple Power! Youth Fever! Sieg Heil! Makes me sick.


I put out a comic book with some other freaks that is sold in the hallways for a dime. The Daily Planet. My mom gets a call from a concerned parent who’d said she’d already had enough trouble with her son without this pornography inciting him to take drugs. Lady on the phone said I had to be on drugs to do the awful things to her son that I did. (IN A COMIC BOOK!?!?) Mom’s scared and shaking. Poor dear. She weakens and tells me I’m missing out on the best years of my life.

But meanwhile, my art teacher Vern says I’ve got it, just do it harder, that I’m on the verge of greatness. He says I MUST devote myself to art, carry a sketchbook everywhere.


Savoy Brown
Johnny Winter And (with Rick Derringer)
Grateful Dead
Elton John
Eddie Harris
Flying Burrito Brothers
Faces (w. Rod Stewart)
John Sebas…