Jill tells me about the
show she is making
& I thought it’s like
Flowers. What kind
of flowers am I making.
I think that I met
you at work. I’m home
Now & think what
Kind of flower am
I making. How do we find
the flower, use the
Flower spread it around
I thought summer’s a good
Growing season or is
It. Is summer just hot?
I could bring my flowers
To your flowers, always
Afraid when I show
That maybe I am making
A funeral. Whatever I am
When I show it around.
I love your flowers
A finger tip has so many
hands & you love
Mine. How is it to love
For once and to see it all
Now to be so afraid of loving
And dying. Mounds of
Flowers go to my head.
I love you inside there
Also out, to show, I want to
Bring you so many flowers.