The Man In The Big Gray Car, Patagonia

We began to meet there
On the mops.
After school, during the siesta,
When we could go missing.
No one wonders where you are during the siesta.
Tell me about the women.
What women?
All the women you’ve been with.
I don’t remember, gringa.
Tell me about the ones you do remember.
It’s boring.
Bore me.

Tell me about your wife.
Why do you want to know?
What’s her name?
Is she beautiful?
What’s her favorite color?
Staring at the ceiling,
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Te voy a reventar.

Hector’s first love
Was a Mapuche girl.
His parents’ laundress.
He would climb
On top of two buckets and
Watch her bathe
By the side of the house.
Purple nipples,
Hair black to her knees.
Who is your impossible love, gringa?
Bill Clinton.
I fall asleep with
My mouth on his arm.


Picnic with Mom

She goes off to look at birds.
I go for a shot in the dark
With room for cream.
I sneeze.
We eat apples
And throw stones into the water.
Westinghouse lightbulbs make us look old.
Westinghouse blender makes us drunk.
I can’t build a fire for shit;
I’m not a Girl Scout.
She is tall in wooden shoes.
I am a whore in heels.
I put her braid in my mouth
And bite down hard.